Save up to 40% on the cost of cooling or heating your home

by closing the Roller Shutters when you don't need the daylight!

See the measurements of the temperature of the glass surface On a sunny day with 96 F outside temperature

· Without a Roller Shutter (direct solar irradiation)

· Window glass surface when the Roller Shutter is down

· Inside the room

The temperature on the sun exposed outer side of the Roller Shutter is 121.8 F



either 45.0 F without a Roller Shutter (direct solar irritation)

or only 4.1 F with a Roller Shutter

The inside room temperature is 72.7 F. So the difference between room temperature and window surface temperature is

Your Roller Shutters reduce the difference of temperature at 92% on the glass parts of your home

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When you have rolled down your Shutter the temperature on the window glass surface is 76.8 F

The temperature on the inside of the wall is 72.7 F

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