Our Hurricane certified Roller Shutters come with such an incredibly attractive price, because ...


We provide maximum price transparency by launching our price list online!

So you will be assured that we really offer the Best Price on the Market.

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For Everyone!

Wholesale Prices For Everyone!

Roller Shutter Best Price

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We deliver directly from the factory to the customer. There is no middleman.
Thatís why our material costs are so low.

High volume sales keep the overhead costs low!

Our Roller Shutters are prepared for easy installation: Thatís why our installation costs are so low!

Installation Costs include


 Mounting of the Shutters

 Electrician Subcontractor


 Motorized Roller Shutter

 Box for outside installation

 Wireless, battery operated timer

Material costs

$300.00 flat for Shutters up to 12 sq ft opening size.


Installation costs

for Shutters mounted on the 2nd floor or higher, on a column or a trim, inside the soffit, between lintel and sill (center installation) need an individual calculation.

BEST PRICE on market - Directly from the factory to the customer

Explosion 2:


$5.00 per sq ft
for projects > 150 sq ft
outside box installation on a flat wall


Explosion 2:


$25.00 per sq ft
for a Shutter > 12 sq ft
opening size